Update to a New Phile Version

You update to a new Phile version by downloading the new Phile release and overwrite the files in your installation.

Phile follows Semantic Versioning. That means that in a new "x.y.z" Version

  • New z versions should be a drop-in replacement, you don't have to worry about anything.
  • New y versions should be a drop-in replacement. But look out for Update Notes for that release which line-out an update-process.
  • New x versions are not a drop-in replacement and may going to break existing installions and plugins. Check the Update Notes for further information.

To update a non-breaking release download it and:

  • <root>/
    • Copy over the new composer.json and add your local requirements to it.
    • Copy over any other files in the root /
  • config/
    • Replace the contents of the config/ directory except for your config/config.php file. If you changed any other file in that directory you have to carry over those changes manually.
  • lib/
    • Copy over the new lib/Phile
    • Copy over the new lib/vendor
    • Clear the cache by deleting the contents of the cache directory lib/cache).
  • plugins/
    • Copy over the new core plugins in plugins/phile
  • themes/
    • If you use the default theme copy that over.

Run composer update --no-dev if you added other composer requirements.

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