A file-driven CMS.

Powered By Markdown And Twig.
But You Can Change That.

Download Phile 1.11.1
requires PHP 7.2.0+

Get Started


Download Phile and put it
into a web directory

Create Content

Create your markdown files
and add the meta comments

Brand it

Customize the template and
theme it to your taste


Save locally or upload
to a site via FTP


Phile is flexible. Extending it via plugins is a snap. You can even swap core services. Don't like Markdown or Twig? Change it!

Find existing plugins or learn to write your own plugin.

Find Help

  1. Read the wiki documentation
  2. Search the ticket-tracker
  3. Consult the gitter-chat


Why Phile


This project started as a fork of PicoCMS in 2013.

The desire to fork the project from Pico, came when a few community members wanted to contribute more and increase the rate of development progress.

Modern Architecture

Phile is a modern, compact, extensible CMS that improved in several areas:

  • Object Oriented Design (classes)
  • Events system
  • Uses Composer
  • Replaceable core modules (plugins)
    • Parser (default: Markdown)
    • Template Engine (default: Twig)
    • Cache (default: phpFastCache)
    • Error handler (default: Whoops)
    • Meta parser (default: Phile parser)
    • Simple Data Persistence (default: Phile file-based)
  • Per-Plugin config.php files
  • Namespaced plugins so classes can have the same name
  • PSR–0,PSR–1/2, PSR–7/15

See the Introduction Video